African Intelligence

Pete A.

Most WINMail readers are familiar with the fact that there is a significant difference in mean IQ between US blacks and US whites. The difference is a full standard deviation (white IQ ª 100; black IQ ª 85).

However, some readers might not have thought about this difference from a genetic perspective. There is abundant evidence that genes which favor a higher IQ are dominant. (For explanations, see The g Factor by Arthur Jensen.) It follows that a little bit of white ancestry might go quite a distance in raising black IQ. Combine this observation with the fact that almost all US blacks have significant white ancestry (the typical US black has genetic equivalent of one white grandparent) and we arrive at an interesting speculation -- African blacks who tend to be not highly hybridized with whites might display a mean IQ considerably below that of US blacks.

We need not speculate. It is true. Several investigators using culture fair tests report a mean IQ for African blacks of about 70. To put this figure in perspective, in US school systems, a student with an IQ of 70 or below is officially considered to be "retarded." I know this fact is surprising, but it is well documented. See, for instance, Richard Lynn's paper in the Spring 1991 issue of Mankind Quarterly. Michael Levin's recent book Why Race Matters also has a good discussion of these results.

In fact, as I wrote this, hot off the wires came more confirmation. In the Chris Brand news letter I got thirty minutes ago, there is an insert from Philippe Rushton who applied the Raven Progressive matricies IQ test to black South African college students. The Raven is known to be the most culture fair and "G loaded" of all IQ tests. Prof. Rushton's results showed a mean IQ of 84! Keep in mind that these are college students, which in SA is a very small and elite subset of SA blacks. If we assume that, as in the US, college students in SA exceed the mean IQ for their race by one standard deviation, we are back to a mean IQ of 70 for genetically pure blacks! [Image: Cheerful blacks mock a decapitated enemy in war-torn Liberia, Africa's oldest democracy.]

Imagine the characteristics of a society in which half the population is retarded. Could such a population maintain anything that we would call a civilization? I think these amazing IQ results are quite sufficient to explain the course of African history as well as the present plight of African nations. It also allows us to predict the sure fate of SA. Whites in SA would be well advised to get while the getting is good.

The note above was posted in 1999 to the now-defunct WINMail listserv.


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