And Time Rolls On

Savitri Devi

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Savitri on Trial

The room was packed, and there two Jews in the first row. And they were grinning, and they were laughing. They were looking quite pleased. At the end, they told me that I could speak for a quarter of an hour or half an hour. So I spoke. And they asked me, "Why did you do this? Why did you stick up these posters?" I said, "I didn't stick up these posters and distribute these leaflets with the hope that by doing so I would resurrect National Socialism and make it the ruling force in Germany and in this world. Certainly not. That job is much too great for a single individual. It's the job of the gods. They'll do it in time, if it's their sweet pleasure.

"Personally I did it for three reasons. First, I obeyed my conscience. Didn't you tell the world in Nuremberg that a man has to follow his conscience? Of course, you said the 'world' conscience. My conscience is not the world conscience. It's a private conscience. But I follow that. I don't know what the 'world' conscience is. According to me it doesn't exist. So I followed my conscience. It told me to do this, and I did it.

"Second, I wanted to show the German people at the time of humiliation and martyrdom that at least there were some individuals on the surface of the Earth who were still for them.

"And third, I wanted to defy not only you, the occupation powers, but all those who were against us. I wanted to show them that drowning a whole continent in fire and phosphorus, killing millions of people -- five million civilians were killed in Germany alone -- was an easy task, and they did it. It was so easy. With ample Jewish money and technique put in service of a cause, that will work. But the difficult task, they couldn't do and cannot do, this difficult task being to de-Nazify, as they say, one person. Not many, one. And not a man at that. [Image: Hamburg, 1943 -- civilian victims of Allied firebombing.]

Nothing but a woman. And not a German woman at that. But a woman from the other end of the Earth. They cannot do that. They could kill me if they like. They didn't do it. That's their affair. But they could. They can't de-Nazify me. That's what I want to show. They can neither de-Nazify me nor can they de-Nazify the natural force. The principles of National Socialism, based on cosmic laws, will still be true wherever we are in the universe, on this planet or on other planets, whatever they do."

And that's what I wanted to say, that's all....

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