The Big Lie about the Berlin Olympics

Dr. William L. Pierce

In its broadest scope, the Holocaust myth involves much more than the supposed gassing of the famous "six million." It includes every related lie which the Jewish propagandists have invented about Germany and the Germans in the period 1933-1945. One of the most brazen of these lies concerns the Olympic games of 1936, which were held in Berlin.

1936 Olympics PosterAccording to the story, which is being given renewed currency by the controlled media as the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles draw nearer, Adolf Hitler intended for the 1936 games to prove to the world his "master-race theory" of Aryan superiority. But the theory was shattered, the story goes, when U.S. Negro sprinter and jumper Jesse Owens defeated the Nazi athletes. Humiliated and enraged, Hitler then showed his lack of sportsmanship by snubbing the Black champion. [Image: German poster from the 1936 Berlin Olympics.]

The truth of what happened at the 1936 Olympic games was witnessed by 4.5 million spectators from all over the world, and it has been related numerous times since then -- but never by the controlled news media in the United States, which unvaryingly parrot the same old lie whenever the occasion arises. And it is that lie which the average American, whose greatest single source of information is Jew-controlled television, believes.

Checking out the story of the "gas ovens" and the "six million" may be too much for anyone but a scholar experienced in historical research, but any sports fan willing to spend two or three hours in a library reading unbiased accounts of the 1936 Berlin games can convince himself that today's Jewish version of what happened there and then is almost exactly contrary in every particular to the truth.

Jesse Owens He can learn that the behavior of Hitler and his government exemplified the ideals not only of sportsmanship, but also of hospitality, in the view of nearly everyone who was there; that if anyone behaved in an unsportsmanlike way, it was the U.S. team, which was under orders not to extend the customary courtesy of the Olympic salute to the Tribune of Honor, where Hitler sat; that Hitler did not snub Owens, and the Black athlete himself later said, "When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany"; and that, far from being humiliated by the results of the games, Hitler was elated, because the Germans won more gold, more silver, and more bronze medals (89 altogether, compared to 56 for the Americans) than anyone else. (In the words of historian John Toland, "The games had been an almost unqualified Nazi triumph.") [Image: James Cleveland ("Jesse") Owens.]

It would require more study to learn that the National Socialists never theorized that Aryans are inherently better in every type of athletic endeavor than non-Aryans; that instead they recognized that each race's peculiarities give it certain advantages and certain disadvantages in competing against other races; and that the particular form of the "master-race theory" attributed to Hitler is a Jewish invention.

But what really should be learned from the lie about the 1936 Olympics is just how credible is the Holocaust myth of which it is part and parcel.

First published in National Vanguard, no. 100, May 1984, p. 19.


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