By their fruits (or lack of them) shall you know them

Nick Griffin

"Mossad plot"

Untold millions of white Europeans watched with growing anger as mobs of perfectly ordinary observant Muslims burnt embassies, butchered policemen and threatened Holy War over a few not particularly unflattering pictures of their prophet. But, meanwhile, various nationalist writers and self-appointed spokesmen were showing their growing disconnection from political reality by repeating Islamic claims (which may or may not contain some elements of truth) that the whole affair was part of a Mossad plot to poison relations between Muslims and white Europeans.

Poison relations between us and these charming people? Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London or Oldham or Keighley or Bradford. Or, for that matter, Malmo or Paris or Sydney or Brooklyn. I'll show you poison, and it doesn't come from our people, or even from those busy boys in the Mossad. It comes from a set of beliefs and resultant tactics that have come within a whisker of destroying our Europe altogether twice in the last fifteen hundred years, and are close to doing so again. The real Clash of Civilisations is not fated to take place in Persia or Arabia, but here in the heart of the West. [Image: Cartoon jihadists in London -- "Europe, you will pay /Demolition is on its way."]

"May or may not contain some elements of truth," I said. Is that too cynical for the purists? Then they need to wake up to the rules of real life politics rather than settling for last place every time. It's better to be a little cynical on this issue and stand a chance of winning than to fret about which bunch of liars are lying in this particular instance and in so doing miss a great political opportunity to surf our message into the public mind on the back of a media tsunami of 'Islamophobia'.

Media U-turn

What has caused this mainstream media U-turn whereby quite strident criticism of Islam is now commonplace? It could all be part of that same neo-con conspiracy, or it could be the fact that liberal and homosexual chatterati are beginning to feel as threatened by the growth of Islam as the white working class communities they despise so much started to several decades ago. Perhaps journalists and editors are simply reflecting the changing views and prejudices of the population of which they form a part. Or it might be a simple marketing decision knocking asylum seekers and Muslims sells newspapers.

My best guess is that it's a combination of many such factors, but who knows? Frankly, who cares? We don't have the media clout ourselves to swim against the tide, but as it's running in our favour in terms of boosting public rejection of mass immigration and the multi-cult, why should we even want to? Instead of wasting time worrying about it, we should -- to mix metaphors -- be organising to make hay while the sun shines.

Whatever is causing the media shift on matters multi-cultural, here in Britain it has gone as far as leading to some remarkably fair coverage of the British National Party in general, and some stunning publicity opportunities for yours truly in particular. Here the real conspiracy nuts are having a field day: "Griffin's sold out to the Jews, that's why he gets media coverage and such fair treatment," they squeal hysterically. Well, I can assure you that I've never had a midnight visit from a group of black clad rabbis to offer to exchange my soul for ten minutes with Eamonn Holmes on Sky News.

One or two others, slightly less hysterical but still obsessed by "the Jews", suggest that my motivation for being so critical of Islam is the hope that "the Jewish media will go easy on the BNP." In fact, I would have thought it self-evident that the BNP is critical of Islam for the simple reason that it is an aggressive imperialistic, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-scientific, anti-human menace, and that it is on the verge -- in historical terms -- of conquering the whole of Europe (America would follow later, by instalments). If a growing number of Jewish media personnel have also come to the conclusion that allowing large numbers of Third Worlders in general and Muslims in particular wasn't such a good idea after all, and that it's time to start bailing out their European lifeboat before it's too late, then any resulting lowering in their traditional (and actually, in the wake of Mr. Hitler, understandable) tendency to be hostile to European ethnic consciousness can only be a good thing.

I had an interesting conversation with one of the Judeo-obsessives a couple of weeks ago. Although at least giving me credit for not having sold my soul for a purse full of shekels from the Learned Elders, but he did opine that "the Jews will never treat you fairly, they hate us too much." When I pointed out that, during the Leeds Free Speech Trial, huge sections of the British media did indeed treat us remarkably fairly, he did a sudden about-face from the usual claim that said media are rigidly controlled.

"They don't have every day control. Owners and editors just set the general tone and work by nudges rather than direct orders." As you like it, but if that's true then it stands to reason that adopting an 'Islamophobic' position that appeals to huge numbers of ordinary people -- including un-nudged journalists -- is going to produce on average much better media coverage than siding with Iran and banging on about "Jewish power", which is guaranteed to raise the hackles of virtually every single journalist in the Western world.

Focus on the real goal

Some people may not like this fact, but that won't make it any less potent, and it won't make ignoring it any less disastrous in the real world -- which, the 'hardliners' must try to remember, is the one in which those who would save our race must operate.

Since, for whatever reason, our recent position does seem to be softening media hostility towards us, it is clearly something we should continue with, and which fellow nationalists in other countries would do well to emulate. The alternative is to adopt the approach of London's infamous Millwall soccer hooligans -- "no one likes us, we don't care."

In case anyone hasn't quite got how democratic politics -- and even physical force, for that matter -- works, let me spell it out in simple terms: If no one likes you, you won't have enough people on your side to win. Perhaps some people are happy to live off collections from the converted or off selling books, but I want to win, because unless we win our people face extinction.

That is not to say that I necessarily want to be liked. I am sure, for a start, that this essay is going to upset some people and lose me a few friends, especially in the USA. That's unfortunate, but it can't be helped, for I simply cannot bear any longer to see people who should be working effectively for the survival of all we hold dear led down a blind alley by a small number of cranks, fools, crooks, self-publicists and (the larger number) good folks whose only failing is that they have never been forced to sit down and think logically about possible paths to the power without which all ideology and principles are in vain.

I have in the past been in that last category myself, so I know that there is a way out of it, that it's better (though not necessarily more comfortable) to be out of it, and that I have a duty to help as many as possible of the willing victims of that mentality to get out of it.

For the truth is that, far from the BNP "dancing to the neo-con tune", it is those 'hardliners' who would rather attack the Jews than the Muslims who are performing an extraordinarily useful function for the neo-cons: Demonising white nationalist opposition to their war as the preserve of KKKlowns, Nutzi crazies and conspiracy cultists.

In addition to this tactical consideration, there is also the little matter of truth: The neo-cons are mainly Jewish, but they are not "the Jews". When it comes to Middle Eastern policy, they are a particular faction, an unofficial overseas agitprop department of Israel's ruling Likud party. To oppose their war is not to oppose "the Jews", but only one group of Jews and their Christian-Zionist and plutocrat allies.

Jewish opponents to neo-cons

In fact, any anti-Semite worth his salt could just as easily 'prove' that it is "the Jews" who are behind the efforts to stop those nice Christians George Bush and Dick Cheney from making the world safe for American capitalism by killing all those A-rabs and confiscating their oil. Just look at the key players in the 'American' anti-war movement: Within days of 9/11, Susan "the white race is the cancer of history" Sontag was widely quoted in the US media sympathising with the Saudi kamikazes. And the now late and unlamented Sontag was by no means unusual.

Take a look at the list of leftist 'opinion-formers' who signed the "Not in Our Name" denunciation of the war in Iraq. Glance at the 'intellectuals' who formed the so-called New Left in the 1960s -- Gerda Lerner, Maurice Zeitlin, Leslie Cagan, James Weinstein et al, and you'll find them still active, manning the high command positions of all the groups that came together for the massive Stop the War demonstrations in the run up to the second Gulf War. Just take a look at the number of Jewish radical leftists in the American Civil Liberties Union.

Most striking of all is the report in Frontpage magazine about This is perhaps the biggest of the various American Internet organisations which worked during the 2004 primaries to win the Democratic nomination for the anti-war candidate Howard Dean. was helped in this quest by a $15 million gift from none other than George Soros.

Now, if George, who despite his name is most definitely not of Greek extraction, had given a donation of that size to a pro-war think tank, the world Jewish conspiracy crowd would never let us hear the last of it. But since this inconvenient fact doesn't fit in with their pre-determined thesis, they consign it to the memory hole. Even anti-Establishment 'historical researchers' have their own Ministry of Truth operations, which mix real facts, repeat research errors or downright lies, and 'lose' items that don't fit the pattern they want to see.

But such dishonest or blindside self-censorship cannot change the actual facts: While the neo-cons are pushing for the 'War on Terror' (not actually for a Clash of Civilisations, for they are fervent multi-culturalists and supporters of mass cheap labour immigration, and so constantly reiterate the fiction that it's only Islamist extremism that's the problem, rather than Islam itself), their radical leftist Jewish cousins are frantically pulling in the other direction.

It may not always be Politically Correct even to name them as an ethnic group, but the plain truth is that individual Jews are prominent on both sides of this quarrel. Wow! There's a surprise, since individual Christians, individual white atheists, and no doubt individual Red Indians find themselves in exactly the same position, on the opposite side of the war fence to their parents, siblings, cousins and childhood friends: Some for, some against, some don't know.

Defensive position

Why are a disproportionate number of Jews involved in various movements? "So they can control both sides of the argument," is the fallback position of the doctrinaire anti-Semites, and the fact that they can shift so quickly from ignoring inconvenient facts to incorporating them in their Grand Scheme is an indicator that we are dealing here with cultist faith rather than a rational assessment of facts.

Come on, George Soros doesn't give $15 million to a cause with which he doesn't agree, and all those leftwing Jews running the anti-war movement aren't really pro-war and cunningly pretending to be anti-war just to stop the tactical geniuses of the anti-Semitic American 'right' from building a mass support base and sweeping to power. The sad truth is that most of them have shown themselves incapable of working out how to sweep a floor, let alone how to sweep to power. This is not to say that all Jews are angels who can do no wrong. While some Jews have made valuable contributions to our civilisation, others have not. Marxism, the Frankfurt School, feminism, the multi-cult -- one only has to make the most cursory study of the origin of such socially devastating movements to find radical leftists from East European Ashkenazi stock playing a vastly disproportionate role. Why?

Partly because it was in their ethnic self-interest -- a weak gentile society is less likely to identify and persecute Jews than certain kinds of strong one. Conversely, evolutionary biological theory would predict that, in the coming war between Islam and the West (which predates the founding of the Zionist state, stemming as it does from the oil wealth of Wahhabi-dominated Saudi Arabia) that same ethnic self-interest will lead to some Jews becoming champions of the survival of Western civilisation. After all, if they don't, their kind will be the first to have their throats cut along the road to the eternal night of Islamic despotism. [Image: Pakistani Muslim attending a Jerusalem Day protest.]

High intelligence

But there's another reason for Jewish over-representation in all sorts of intellectual movements, which has no connection with ethno-centrism at all: On average, Jews are the cleverest people on the planet. Someone had to be, after all, and a people who have been selectively bred for intelligence by internal choice and external pressure for nearly two thousand years were always more likely to be brighter than groups which valued brawn more than brains. As a result, unless a certain intellectual, political or economic trend is directly opposed to self-perceived Jewish interests, it is likely to contain at or near the top a disproportionate number of individual Jews.

As a matter of fact, even intellectual movements that are opposed to self-perceived Jewish interests often attract individual Jews. Thus a young secular American Jew like David Cole could go to Auschwitz and make revisionist videos, and because they were happy with his message the anti-Semites thought he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now the same people are happily sending around the press statement from Iran's state-run news agency, Mehr, about the Tehran Holocaust revisionist conference. "Several anti-Zionist rabbis are in Tehran to take part in the conference," said the statement. What have we here? Good Jews? Mad Jews? Or Satanically devious bad Jews who want to take over Holocaust revisionism and use it in their plot to take over the world?

See what I mean about this conspiracy drivel driving people mad? It is one thing to have a proper history of political conspiracy, such as a history of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, that accepts the standards of normal historical evidence. It is quite another to have a conspiracy theory that won't accept such evidence because it believes that the conspiracy is so powerful that it can fake any evidence it needs, and therefore forms an intellectual 'closed loop' from which there is no escape. Such a theory can 'prove' any possible claim and ignore any possible fact. Even if some of the facts on which it relies are true, the overall effect is therefore to take the theory out of the world of real history and to place it in the realms of pseudo-religious faith.

Jews in all camps

So let's move on from the twistings and turnings and omissions of the conspiracy cult theorists and get back to some solid facts. What are we to make of the presence of Jews in movements that, far from being anti-white, are regarded by most white nationalists -- conspiracy cranks included -- as being good things? This is well illustrated by the briefest of glances at two pre- and post-WW2 'right-wing' phenomena: The rise of Italian fascism, in which assimilated Italian Jews played a major part, not least the fact that Mussolini's long-term Jewish mistress financed the March on Rome to the tune of 1 million lire.

More recently, Prof. Herrnstein was part of the duo of scientists whose Bell Curve was the book that broke the logjam holding back the now almost complete normalisation of scientific studies of genetically determined average racial difference, while Prof. Levin's Why Race Matters also helped greatly in doing away with the lethal propaganda myth that to discuss such things was to seek to reopen Auschwitz.

Of course it is possible to point to negatives such as the NKVD and the Gulag system, the Frankfurt School or Richard Perle, but to fail to set these against positives -- even if the latter are outweighed -- is to leave the realms of fact and to descend through selective research to the madness which blamed Jews for the Black Death, and which marks out the proponents of such fantasies as cranks whom 99% of ordinary people will avoid like the plague.

Which brings me back to current events in the Middle East. Even if the war against Iraq, and the coming attack on Iran was a "Jewish plot", to make that the great public reason for opposing would so terrify many Jews that they will be unable to accept that mass non-white immigration and multi-culturalism are now bigger threats to Jewish survival than anything else. Thus we would throw away the clear chance of some Jews who in the past have campaigned for immigration and against those who oppose it moving towards a position of confused neutrality on this issue, or even of seeing that helping us to reverse the tide of colour and Islamification is their only hope.

[Anyone who scoffs at this, and who is unaware of the furious private debate going on behind the superficially monolithic pro-immigration facade of American Jewish organisations in particular, should read Dr. Stephen Steinlight's thoroughly Judeocentric "High Noon to Midnight -- why current immigration policy dooms American Jewry", produced for the Center for Immigration Studies and available here.]

The right words

The neo-Nazi "global Jewish conspiracy" line also triggers a Pavlovian PC reaction among most educated gentiles as well. Most journalists are not directly ordered to write or to bury specific stories, they just know the kind of things that can and cannot safely be said, and inevitably they also reflect the opinions of the wider society of which they are a part. Let's look at how this works in practice:

Phrase A: "British or American soldiers should not be sent off to die in a dusty desert in order to bring 'democracy' to people who have never bothered to secure it for themselves and who do not appear to want it."

This is to express the fundamental nationalist policy of keeping out of foreign wars that have nothing to do with us, in a way which guarantees the instinctive agreement of a large section of the population, and which even those who favour such intervention will admit is a position with its roots in commonsense, normal opinions well within our homegrown political traditions. Try it out in a bar or works canteen or bus queue near you, and see what I mean. Hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees? I'm not surprised.

Then rephrase the same demand for troop withdrawal and neutrality in the terminology of the knee-jerk anti-Semites who say that the BNP has 'sold out': "British or American soldiers should not be sent off to die in a dusty desert to serve the Jewish conspiracy for world domination."

Try this Phrase B out on your non-political friends, workmates or neighbours and see what proportion agree. Go on, I'm serious -- at least as far as saying that I don't want to hear a squeak of disagreement with this article from anyone who isn't willing to do so.

Consequences of siding with Islam

Having settled that point, let's take a look at the longer term consequence of abandoning the true nationalist position of non-involvement in other people's quarrels and siding with the Muslims: Those who agree with Iran that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map are -- if they are involved in real life politics as opposed to juvenile posturing -- setting themselves up to be asked, 'what would you do with the Jews, then?'

What can those who want to see Hamas win actually say? Will they reveal psychopathic fantasies about exterminating five million Israelis -- including many who are at this very moment campaigning for a peace deal with the Palestinians, and quite a few ultra-Orthodox ones who believe that the Zionist state is blasphemous (strange monolithic conspiracy, this one!) -- or accept a flood of additional refugees into our already overcrowded West? Is it not far more realistic to be neutral, as nationalists are supposed to be? Let's get real, it just isn't our job to bother about the Middle East.

We should campaign to stop the EU helping to fund the Palestinian Authority and sucking up to the Arab world, not because we are or should be pro-Israel, but because there are far better things to do with our money, because we don't want to drift into Eurabia, and because the entire place is of no proper concern of ours.

Even the question of oil should be dealt with by a Swedish-style crash programme to wean ourselves off the stuff, not least because it's an environmental disaster and is going to become scarce and so impossibly expensive sooner or later anyway. The only thing of any interest to us is that potential flood of refugees. Apart from that, what happens in the Middle East should be a matter of sublime indifference to a properly run Western nation.

That reminds us that no Western nations are properly run at present, which is of course what we're here to change. The proper approach for us to take to the adventures of Bush & Blair and those behind them is therefore to look for ways in which this conflict could help us on the road to power.

Clearly the neo-cons/oil companies/vain or stupid politicians, etc hope that they can have their Clash in the Middle East without paying any price closer to home. Perhaps they can pull this off, but past historical examples and a commonsense appraisal of the situation suggest this is very unlikely. The price they could easily pay for that war propaganda and pressure for the West to do their bidding in Middle East could be to so destabilise multi-racial Western societies that nationalists will stand a real chance of winning political power.

Psychological judo

Pretty much everyone with any experience in building and sustaining any kind of nationalist organisation knows that we get publicity by playing judo with the power of the media. With so much at stake, and so little time left, however, it is time to give much more careful thought about the aim of such tactics.

If it is just to get publicity for individuals, then harping on about "the Jews" is a very effective tactic. After all, it gets publicity, as it gives every single person with a scrap of power in the media -- many but not all individuals from each of the following groups: liberals, capitalists, homosexuals, ethnic minorities, Jews, Marxists -- both the means and often the motive to smear us all by association with crazies. In addition, it allows pro-war lobby to characterise opposition to their schemes as insane or wicked. If the neo-cons didn't have the baggage-laden anti-Semites, especially in America, as bogeymen, they'd have to invent them.

Yet despite the glaring obviousness of this fact, there is still competition among some self-styled nationalists to see who can say the toughest things about "Jewish wars for Israel." No doubt it pays rather well, for the historical actions of some Jews and Jewish organisations have created a sizeable (though statistically and politically irrelevant) number of people alienated from normal politics and willing to hand over their wallets to individuals or groups willing to deal in such material.

No doubt some of those (activists of German descent in particular) who push such material do so with the very best of intentions. Probably only a minority do so because it's the most profitable form of Snake Oil they've been able to find. But whatever the motivation, the actual effect of their propaganda operations is the same: To widen the gulf between nationalism and the public, to make our job harder, and to leave the neo-cons even freer to push us into their wars, safe in the knowledge that nationalism will not be able to take advantage of the stresses their schemes place on the genocidal multi-cult that is destroying our world.

Laying out our stall

It is time for all nationalists to oppose Bush and Blair's and the neo-cons' Middle Eastern ventures on proper nationalist grounds. We should oppose the war-mongers on grounds of what they do, not what they are. For simple propaganda reasons we should go out of our way to avoid criticism of neo-cons being portrayed as 'anti-Semitism' by pointing to the contra-indicators: The huge peace movement in Israel, the radical left Jews opposed to the war in Western countries, the role of other motivations and interest groups -- oil, reconstruction contracts, and the vanity of individual politicians.

Saying this is not a matter of "trying to get the support of the Jews in the media" (although looking for ways to weaken, even slightly, old hostilities that make the job of winning power harder is the proper concern of organisations that are serious about getting somewhere in the real world, as opposed to standing for ever on the sidelines hoping that a warm feeling of being virtuous will make up for the pain of losing) it is a matter of commonsense political tactics. We should be positioning ourselves to take advantage for our own political ends of the growing wave of public hostility to Islam currently being whipped up by the mass media. This is not a matter of dancing to neo-con tunes, but of finding members of the public who are already used to the sound of that kind of music willing to cross over and dance to our tune. [Image: Muslim rioters set Paris ablaze.]

For reasons of natural sentiment and neo-con war propaganda alike, the public will not join in any group dance which appears to include Muslims (in Britain and Europe in particular) or A-rabs (in the USA especially). And the more of our boys who come home in body bags, and the more the irresponsible neo-con project inflames the Islamic world against us, the more strongly this factor will affect the political climate.

In the real world, it doesn't matter in the slightest whether the Danish cartoons furore or 9/11 were the work of Islamic fundamentalists with huge levels of support among 'ordinary' Muslims (for the record, my belief); or of Muslim extremists who no more represent mainstream Islam than the KKK represents white America; or of CIA or Mossad black bag teams seeking to stampede us into World War Three.

Spanner in the works

From the point of view of those of us working and organising to save the nations of the West and the great race that built them from irreversible subjection and subsequent extinction, it really doesn't matter which group Providence has chosen to drop -- at the eleventh hour -- a giant spanner into the works of the multi-culti tolerance machine, and of the even bigger debt-recycling contraption that passes for the American economy on which it is perched.

Who dropped that spanner, and why they did so, will be a matter of interest to future generations of historians, and even perhaps the next generation of Western politicians. But for our generation, such arguments are -- like putting ourselves in a position where the public could be persuaded that we are sympathetic to the enemy in the now unavoidable Clash of Civilisations -- a luxury we cannot afford.

All we need to know is that the spanner has been dropped in among the whirring, clanking cogs and wheels, and that pieces of the multi-racial genocide machine are already breaking and flying off as a result. Sooner or later, one of those pieces may well in turn foul up something in the workings of the debt-recycling machine, and then opportunity will knock for those who are already organised and positioned to take full advantage of it.

In the meantime, we need to redouble our efforts to organise a credible and acceptable political alternative to the old parties and governing institutions which are so closely identified with those interlinked machines, and are going to be very badly damaged indeed as they fall apart under the strains of a war without borders or mercy.

In 1914, the Crowned Heads of Europe scarcely paused for thought as they gave the signal to start the First World War that, within three or four years, left them lying broken in the dust, their power destroyed forever. By the time this new conflict is over, those who started it may in turn have reason to rue the day they let slip the dogs of hate and war.

Our job is not to apportion blame for the chaos, but to position ourselves so as to take maximum advantage of it. There is no point standing like King Canute, ordering the tide to go and flood a different beach; rather, we must ride the wave of public opinion and harness its power for our own use.

Originally published (21-03-2006) on website of the British National Party. Neither the graphics nor the descriptions that accompany them appear in Griffin's original text.


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