Britney Spears Nude

OK, I don't really have any pictures of Britney Spears nude.

But I know that many of you who drop by this site check the Recent Additions page, and I want to acquaint (or reacquaint) you with Hornbeck's essay on Prof. Kevin MacDonald. If you've already read it and don't want to read it again, accept my apologies for wasting your time. If you haven't read it, the URL for "Cherchez le Juif" is here.

ADL Diversity Catalog Take a look at the ADL's photo of happy non-White students; it provides a succinct pictorial summary of the essay's central idea. A picture of a Black, a Jew, a Chinese and a Chicana represents "diversity" in the eyes of this powerful Jewish organization, so they have placed it on the cover of their catalog of "diversity resources" for schools. And in the real world that is what "diversity" concretely means. A school whose student population is 90% White lacks "diversity"; a school whose student population is 10% White is filled with "diversity." That is simply how the word is regularly used in the language of multiculturalism. It means a reduction of our numbers and sometimes even our total absence, as in this picture. Multiculturalism and Third World immigration, as Prof. MacDonald demonstrates, are Jewish tools for fragmenting a society's cultural and racial cohesion. Our absence or dwindling presence is accordingly a desired objective.

This diversity -- i.e. a scarcity of Whites -- is the ADL's vision of our future, the objective they work for daily, as anyone who visits their website will learn. And while they work toward this objective for us, they also work toward placing Jewish students in all-Jewish schools, free from the diversity they champion for others. The ADL, open opponents of intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews, want racial diversity for us because they know its effects are bad; they want to remove Jewish students from racial diversity for the same reason. The picture is profoundly fraudulent: Jewish organizations like the ADL don't believe that the smirking Jewish student should be there surrounded by other racial minorities; they think he should receive a Jewish education in a monoracial Jewish school, where the three Gentile students would be unwelcome.

For comments on a related subject, see Jewish Hypocrisy and the One-State Solution.